Arch Care Services provides support for individuals with psychological health concerns and mental ill-health in the community. We can assist with a range of day-to-day tasks and life skills, including shopping, cooking, medication, finances and budgeting including benefit applications and appeals, and assisting with community activities and appointments. Our support is tailored to the needs of the individual, and is flexible and personalised, and our priority is always the needs of the person. We will always ensure that we are sensitive and compassionate, and treat each person as an individual. Levels of support will depend on the needs of the individual, and can be anything from one hour a week up to 24-hour support, including sleeping nights. We are equipped and experienced working with individuals with complex needs.

Since 2005 we have operated an allotment in Clevedon, where clients are supported to grow their own vegetables and flowers which they are then welcome to use.

We will work with any individual with a diagnosed mental health illness or individuals with community support needs. Funding may come from the local authority, the NHS or personal budgets, and we will also work with individuals who fund privately. Please contact us for more information.

Arch Care Services and Arch Care Rehab Services are limited companies registered in England and Wales.
Company numbers: 06777576/03763819. Registered office: Unit 3, Avalon House, Stileway Business Park, Lower Strode Road, Clevedon, BS21 6UU.