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Many individuals need different levels of help to plan their support. The process to plan and manage the support people receive is often called ‘support brokerage’. The professional people who help in this way are called ‘support brokers’.

A broker doesn’t think of themselves as managing your support package for you, they will work with you, to build a network of people ranging from professionals, family friends and volunteer groups who can all be involved in “your circle of support”. By doing things this way you will be amazed at how many different options will open up to you.

What is a support broker?

A support broker is an accredited individual who can assist a person who is self directing their support to plan and manage their support with the resources they have available to them. This may be their own money or money they receive from Social Services through a Direct Payment or Individual Budget. The broker listens to the person’s needs and helps them action their plan.

Support Brokers are completely independent and only work for the person and work solely in their interests.

The support brokers role includes:

  • Helping people to identify the changes they want to make to their lives.
  • Find the support services and community opportunities that the person requires.
  • Help design a person centred plan that clearly represents the individual and their chosen lifestyle.
  • Identify various funding sources available for the person.
  • Negotiate with providers of services with or on behalf of the person with regards to forming related services and reducing costs.
  • Initiate the implementation of the support plan.
  • Co-ordinate support: For example assisting the person to employ personal assistants and/or arranging agreements with support providers.
  • Set up an account and assist with management of funds.
  • Discover what is available for the person in their community and explore ways of helping them integrate into their community.